The Lifeway Church hosts “Hope and Healing Community Awareness Event.”

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Through song, prayer and words of encouragement, religious leaders from across the state of Ohio gathered as a local church held a service of hope.

The Lifeway Church held their “Hope and Healing Community Awareness Event” to aid in the areas of suicide and overdose prevention.

“Sunday was a community awareness meeting for suicide prevention and overdose prevention. We’ve got all kinds of resources around our community that can help folks that are dealing with things like depression, despondency and those elements in their lives,” said Pastor Jim Henderson, The Lifeway Church.

Although there is often times a gap between the church, law enforcement and the community, Pastor Henderson said their goal is to bridge that gap and that we must keep in mind officers are regular people.

“I think sometimes that when people look at law enforcement, he’s kind of the guys that’s got you pulled over, he’s the one that shows up when bad things happen. For me, law enforcement they’re my friends and they ate there to help, they are public servants. We need to look at them and understand that they have families, they have friends and they are here to do a jobs and a lot of these folks I’ve talked to some of them and they just say it’s really kind of a calling to them,” said Pastor Henderson. 

Community officials from law enforcement, Muskingum County Commissioners and Mayor Tilton all came out to show their support.

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