Not all superheroes wear capes

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Muskingum Behavioral Health is one of the vendors at the Community Health Fair and they are sticking with the superhero theme by saying not all heroes wear capes.

Muskingum Behavioral Health is using the health fair over the weekend as a way to say thank you to all the first responders who respond to overdoses and other emergencies. CEO Steve Carrel said this is just a small but, meaningful way of saying thank you to the capeless superheroes.

“Thanking first responders and all of those who are on the front lines of the opioid epidemic. They don’t get a lot of thanks for that and that’s what we’re want to do. Kind of kicking it off here at the Health Fair,” said Carrel.

Members of Muskingum Behavioral Health and the community signed a poster saying thanks for everything the first responders do. Zanesville Fire Chief Eric Waltemire said he is honored by people saying thank you.

“If you talk to most firefighters, what they’ll tell you is they’re just doing their job. When you get called to scene, you’re helping someones loved one. I don’t think they really think about the appreciation or the wanting the thanks for it, it’s more serving the community. That’s what they signed up for is to serve the citizens,” said Waltemire.

Chief Waltemire said first responders have already responded to 95 overdoses in 2018 in Zanesville alone.

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