Law Enforcement prep for St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Saint Patrick’s Day is known for its Irish based meals and green beer. However, while it can be a good time, it can end with a person spending time with the local police.

Zanesville’s Police Chief Tony Coury said St. Patrick’s Day is not one of the bigger drinking holidays, but it is still a holiday that promotes drinking alcohol.

“We don’t see a real influx in issues because of St. Patrick’s Day, but being that it’s on a Saturday,” Chief Coury said. “You know so people are going to have some different things going on. We just wanted to make sure that we’ve got enough man coverage for anything that might take place.”

Chief Coury said it’s important that people have other forms of transportation to avoid harsh consequences, whether it’s a designated driver, taxi, or Lyft driver. Impaired drivers can face fines, jail time, and more.

“Usually a minimum of three days in jail on your first offense, and a license suspension from six months to one year,” Chief Coury said. “It’s just creates a whirlwind of problems for you. You know, no body wants to pay that hefty fine, do jail time, have your insurance go up, or lose your insurance.”

Zanesville Police Department will have extra law enforcement out on the city roadways for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

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