Willow Haven resident celebrates 100th birthday

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A local Zanesville resident is celebrating a major milestone that not many get to enjoy.

In 1918, Donna Schumacher was born in Cumberland, Ohio. Now 100 years later she calls Willow Haven Care Center home. On March 12th, Schumacher celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by family and friends.

“I don’t keep much track of myself anymore but boy when they come yesterday that place was full down there in the basement, down, farther down,” said Schumacher. “We had a good time.”

Schumacher said she traveled the world with her husband who served in the armed forces. They had two daughters and she now has two granddaughters and three great-grandchildren. Schumacher said she has lived a good life.

“The good Lord’s with me,” said Schumacher.  “It’s just nice to me, but I don’t know about other people whether they…I wasn’t figuring on it going on farther, but it is.”

Schumacher said she still enjoys playing bingo and she loves children and all animals.

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