Columbus company employs human trafficking victims

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A Columbus social enterprise company is working to help human trafficking victims take their lives back.

Human trafficking is an issue that is getting a lot of attention these days.  That’s because more than 800 thousand women and children are sold into sex trafficking which is now the second largest criminal industry in the world. Eleventh Candle Co. is working to help victims get back on track. Amber Runyon, the founder of Eleventh Candle Co., said the victims need three things to thrive: safe place, safe people, and purpose.

“The candle company is the purpose piece where they have a job where they come in and they work,” said Runyon. “And while they work they’re getting the coaching and the counseling that need to heal from the trauma of human trafficking.”

Eleventh Candle Co. employs victims to make candles, room sprays, and melts. In fact, their whole production crew is made up of victims. Runyon said support from the community really makes a difference in being able to help the women move past their trauma.

“A simple candle can really change somebody’s life,” said Runyon. “If we just change where we buy our gifts, if everybody just buys their gifts from us like their birthday gifts, their anniversary gifts, and so on, it really can impact these women who really just want a second chance.”

If you would like to purchase a candle from the company or would like to get involved you can visit their website at

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