Sheriff Lutz discusses 2017 concealed carry report

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine released numbers of the number of concealed carry licenses obtained in 2017.

Last year, over 130 thousand licenses were issued in the the state of Ohio. Of the licenses issued, over 77 thousand were new licences and 54 thousand were renewals. Sheriff Matt Lutz said the numbers here in Muskingum County are down compared to the numbers in 2016. In 2016, 1,036 licenses were issued.

“In ‘17, Muskingum County issued 859 CCW licenses. We did 435 renewals for the year. We suspended 10. We revoked two and we denied 10.”

Lutz said his office also issued one temporary emergency license. In order for a citizen to obtain a concealed carry weapon license, they must first complete a CCW course. Then they’ll fill out an application at the sheriff’s office and bring a passport style picture with them to go along with the application.

“You pay the fee $67 to get the application. You turn that in. We take your electronic fingerprints. We send the fingerprints in. And then once we get word back from BCI that fingerprint check is good then we will call you – have you come in and you get your picture taken for your i.d. card.”

When asked if he expects the number of applications to increase due to the current climate on gun control he said he’s not sure if it’ll have an impact or not.

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