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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- United Way of Muskingum, Perry and Morgan Counties had their second Friends of United Way open house.

This open house serves as a way for United Way to highlight it’s partners and how donations help make the community stronger. February 27th’s event took place at the Zanesville Civic League and allowed donators and sponsors to see exactly what their dollars have been invested in.

“They can see the children, who are participating in the financial literacy program, who are doing their homework, who are coming here after school, as they do every day and again they can see it first hand. So, they can see the impact that this program is making in the community,” said Meg Deedrick, executive director of the United Way of Muskingum, Perry and Morgan Counties.

Zanesville Civic League Executive Director Lisa Rooks said this open house allows the Civic League to showcase what good they do for the community. She said the focus of the organization is an after-school education program.

“We pick the kids up from five different schools. They come in, they get a healthy snack., they start on their reading log and they start on their homework. Those are the first things that we want to do. We also focus on if they’re having trouble in history, if they need extra math and then the money smart comes in. And the money smart is teaching them how to count money, how to recognize money, we had to start from the beginning,” said Rooks.

Rooks said this is possible through the United Way, who in turns said it’s able to help the Civic League because of the donations from the companies and members of the community.

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