Senator Rob Portman makes stop in Zanesville to talk tax cuts

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio– Senator Rob Portman made a stop in Zanesville to talk to constituents about the tax reform bill.

Senator Portman started his visit out with a tour of GMK Auto Parts hosted by the store owner Kelly Moore. Moore is one of many business owners that are sharing how the tax cuts helped their businesses grow. Moore once had to cut health care for her employees, but is now able to offer the benefit again.

“This helps across the board. It gives people, you know, individuals, families a little more help with meeting ends and we talked about that today. These employers were all saying yeah their got this on their paycheck less withholding, more money for take home pay.” 

Senator Portman says the tax reform should help the economy grow because businesses are able to pay their employees more and continue to grow their business. He says businesses are come back to the states from overseas.

“I truly believe, as I said up here, that this tax reform bill is going to result in more economic growth. I already see it all over our state. Again, I was with these 12 brewers today every single one of them had a story about taking these tax savings and plowing them into their employees and their investment in equipment and plant and creating more revenue for the federal government.” 

Portman has been traveling across Ohio visiting with business owners making stops in Cleveland and Columbus.

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