Honoring Elden Hudson at Rotary

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Doing something for over 60 years is impressive but, what about never missing a single meeting for that entire time.

Longtime Rotarian Elden Hudson is celebrating 61 years of perfect attendance at Rotary meetings. He became a member of Rotary 62 years ago and became part of Zanesville Rotary Club in 1975.

“If you missed a meeting, you go make up some place, one of the other rotary meetings. I took that to be what I was suppose to do. I would miss a regular meeting and I would just find a Rotary Club wherever I was and makeup on another day. We had a week on each side of when you missed to make up. You could make up in advance a week ahead or a week after,” said Hudson.

Hudson worked for the Ohio Power Company. The job had him move around several times and that lead him to being part of several different Rotary programs giving him the opportunity to meet many people.

“It helped me to grow and become a better person and a better manager. Every community you’re in is a little bit different and yet there’s a lot of similarities and you have to realize that there are people who are not going to be too nice to you but, there are other ones who are going to be nice. And normally a lot of how your accepted depends on you,” said Hudson.

The Zanesville Rotary Club also had a birthday cake for Hudson. He will turn 92 on March 1st. Hudson said rotary will be a part of his life for the rest of it.

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