Warmest day on record

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- With record-breaking warmth for this time in February, people are getting outside to enjoy the break from the cold and snowy winter.

February 20th’s temperature is over 35 degrees warmer than it was the week before and people are taking advantage of the sunny day. Bailey Swingle said she loves being able to get outside and walk her dog without being bundled up.

“Versus the 5 A.M. bundled up in a coat it’s snowing, we’re walking outside. So I’ll take this all day every day if I can. You got to get the vitamin D so you feel good to get outside get some fresh air. Open up your windows today and escape the winter blues for the day,” said Swingle.

Many people went outside for a walk or run rather than be stuck indoors. Mitch Reed said sunny days like these just improve his mood.

“I’m thrilled, it actually affects my mental attitude had some time just to sit outside in the morning and now I’m going to take a walk with a friend. It changes how I look at everything,” said Reed.

“The airs not as heavy so we can actually push ourselves a little further than that what we would when the airs heavy when it’s cold,” said Kody Taylor

Swingle says even though the temperatures will likely drop it’s great to get a break from the snow and ice.

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