EMA: Flooding Expected This Week

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency is watching the water levels of the Muskingum River due to the threat of rainfall later this week.

E.M.A. Director Jeff Jadwin said he is constantly checking the river gauges in place around the county. He said Dillion’s water level is considerably higher than it was last week. The reason for the high waters is due to the rainfall and the melting of snow and ice.

“The melt and the runoff from north of us. You have to understand we’re part of Muskingum Water Shed district and that encompasses 23 counties. So, therefore, water that’s coming here may have started in Stark County and worked its way down to us. So there’s numerous dams and levies between us and them but there’s a big portion of the State of Ohio that drains down into the Muskingum River,” said Jadwin.

Jadwin said there is a little room for the water levels to rise, however, a heavy rainstorm could cause a large amount of flooding.

“Two, we can probably handle. Five inches, we’re going to have a problem. We’re going to go from a little bit of flooding to probably some major flooding over the weekend if we were to get five inches. I guess the big thing for the public to watch the water levels if they live near the river,” said Jadwin.

Jadwin said the E.M.A. will continue to monitor not only the river but, also the weather and the amount of rainfall. To stay up to date on the river’s conditions visit the Muskingum County E.M.A. Facebook page or monitor Everbridge by going to citizensalert60.org.

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