Sheriff: Deputy Shoots Dog After Attacked

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Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz says one of his deputies shot and killed a dog after it grabbed him while responding to a call. Lutz says it happened Sunday evening just before 9:00 when deputy Chevy Hood and another deputy responded to a report of shots fired at a vehicle on Ford Road. The Sheriff says it turns out the person who fired the gun, shot in the air and not at a vehicle. Deputies went to talk to the person on Slack Road who called in the complaint and that is where the dogs were located. Lutz says two German Shepherds were locked in another room and one escaped and bit Hood on the elbow. Once the deputies left the home and while outside the second dog attacked Hood and grabbed him by the leg. Lutz says that is when the animal was shot and killed. The deputy was treated at the hospital for swelling and bruising and is seeing another doctor Tuesday to determine if there are any other injuries. Deputy Hood remains on leave. The incident remains under investigation, but no charges are expected.

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