Muskingum River Rising/Minor Flooding Reported

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The Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency along with numerous other agencies continue to monitor the water level on the Muskingum River.

E-M-A Director Jeff Jadwin says the National Weather Service reported a rise in the river gauge above flood stage shortly after 6:00 am Tuesday. Numerous officials were notified and responded to check the water levels. Local, State and Federal Partners are all still involved in monitoring this situation.

The small ice jam above Dresden has melted away, but there is now additional low lying flooding in the Dresden Area. It is not as severe as a week ago Saturday but we are keeping a very close eye on it. The large ice jam at Terrace Shores and Gilbert Station has not changed and the river below the jam now appears to be clear or slushy. However, the water at Ellis Dam has risen about 2 feet.

Anyone who lives along the river needs to be conscious of fast-rising water. If you are aware of a person with special needs or is handicapped and would need assistance getting out please notify the EMA office at 740-453-1655 or the Fire Department that covers the area where that person lives. The American Red Cross has been working with the EMA and is ready to assist as needed.

Please check our Facebook Page as we will try to update the information as often as possible. Emergency information will be sent out through our Everbridge Reverse 911 System and through local media outlets. To sign up to get Everbridge Notices to your Cell phone or E-Mail go to the following website.

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