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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Local providers learned about Employment Navigation and Career Discovery to assist people with disabilities.

Mid-East Ohio Regional Council Project Manager David Mitchell informed the providers about Career Discovery and how it can help those with disabilities figure out what they want to do with their lives, what’s important to them, and lead onto community integration.

“Basically what the Career Discovery piece does and that’s why we really want to push the discovery piece to 2018 is to show that everyone has skills in the work place,” Mitchell said. “Everybody can bring something to the work place and that seems to be the biggest benefit at this point with the businesses. When they realize that we have a very talented pool of job seekers.”

“Really the key to this entire process is, it’s about employment opportunities.” Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Project Manager Tom Hess said. “People with disabilities belong in the community, in competitive employment and once we get that mind-set in the community we’ll have much better success. So the people we serve can live and work in the community.”

​​​​​Hess said it’s important to teach each county in the state about Employment Navigation and Career Discovery so those with disabilities have a chance to find jobs in their local county.

“So I think that it really comes down to a different way of thinking.” Hess said. “Right, because in the cities you may have 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 providers. In some of the more rural areas you only have four or five, if you have four or five. So it’s really a matter of engaging in those four or five more effectively and that’s what we run into in the rural areas of the state.”

The Employment Navigation and Career Discovery training program was held at Starlight Industries for the local providers. For more information on Employment Navigation check out Employment First’s website.

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