The Nelson T. Gant Foundation hosts Open House

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The legacy of one African American historian is continuing to make an impact in the lives of many.

The Nelson T. Gant Foundation was a packed house as they honored three women who have become trailblazer for ensuring that Gant’s legacy lives on. Wanda Bailey, Gertrude Morgan, Elizabeth Curtis were the three honorees.

“We thought it was an opportune time to dedicate our parlor to three individuals who have been here from the very beginning,” said Connie Norman, President, Nelson T. Gant Foundation.

The Gant Foundation is filled with many historic artifacts, and countless antique items, most of which have been donated by the local community. As Nelson T. Gant was born a slave who was able to purchase his freedom, President Norman expressed the importance of knowing your history.

“Its important and we must pass it on so you know where you came from. It was a very important time when Nelson T. Gant was coming through to gain his freedom,” said President Norman.

The hope of this non profit organization is to educate others about the story of Nelson T. Gant,  and the importance of the legacy he left.


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