F.O.P Host annual Senior Citizen Christmas Dinner

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Tis the season for giving and one local law enforcement organization is striving to bring Christmas cheer and hope for the holidays.

For many years,  The Fraternal Order of Police has held their annual Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner. Seniors from Muskingum, Perry, Morgan and Coshocton Counties come together and receive a tasty holiday dinner.

“A lot of times the seniors don’t get a good meal with limited income and everything else. So it gives them a social hour to get back and reunite with friends they may not have seen in awhile,” said F.O.P Vice President, Dan Arter.

Although many members of Law Enforcement are oftentimes seen in a negative light, one Zanesville Police Lieutenant tells us he’s all about giving back to the community.  

“I love to be able to give back to the community. It puts the officers and the Police Department in a positive light and I don’t think you can go wrong there. What better way than to give annually here at the F.O.P Christmas dinner. It’s a way we show appreciation for the members of the community,” said Lieutenant Chris Rice.

With a catered Christmas dinner served by local Law Enforcement Officers, you can imagine the seniors in attendance were very grateful and excited to be seated at the table.

“I just thought it’s a nice time to relax. I don’t have to cook, not that I do anyway because my husband does it. But it’s nice to be able to spend time with other people because some people don’t get out a lot so this is a good time to socialize with other people and to just have fun,” said Adamsville Resident, Karen Young.
As people begin to make their exit, police shared with us that preparations for next years event are already underway here in Zanesville.

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