SEAT Director talks budget, bus bench proposal

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- As the year draws to a close, many government agencies are meeting with County Commissioners providing updates on budgets and other items.

Howard Stewart, the Transit Director at SEAT, met with the Commissioners to discuss his budget for 2018 and a proposal for bus benches.

“Basically here to ask the Commissioners for local support for our 2018 budget. We are required to come up with a local match of our operating which is 50%. We’re only funded through the FTA which is overseen by ODOT to that portion of 50%.”

In addition to discussing his budget, Stewart talked to the Commissioners about a proposal to put benches at bus stops throughout the city. The proposal spearheaded by Robert Swanson has picked up wind going before the Commissioners and other City Officials.

“I think it’s a good program. A good project. And SEAT is in support of it…Anything we can do for our clients that are riding the bus is a positive. So the more we do the better off it is.”

SEAT riders may see the benches at bus stops as early as next year.

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