Dedication for new road to Genesis

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Local officials gathered today to recognize a new road making ambulance transports more efficient.

Traffic on Maple Avenue can be hectic which can sometimes cause difficulties for emergency vehicles heading for Genesis. Local government worked together to come up with a solution to help get patients quickly to care in those critical moments. Mayor Jeff Tilton was in attendance and said this is a plan that’s been long in the works.

“We’re here today to dedicate the Bethesda Drive extension that’s taken over about four years to decide exactly what we wanted and what we needed here. There’s been many different options but today we’ve opened up this option and it’s going to help emergency vehicles with a quicker time to the emergency room.”

The road extension allows emergency vehicles to exit Maple at Bethesda Drive. The road is closed to the public and will allow E-M-S to avoid traffic in route to Genesis. Al Burns, the COO at Genesis, says it’s important for emergency vehicles to be able to get to the hospital as fast – and as safe – as possible.

“My understanding is they can flip the light to red which will allow them to, Northbound ambulances, to make a left hand turn into, onto the roadway, allow them to proceed here, and they’ll flip the light here as well and allow them to enter the campus safely and quickly.”

Officials say the road extension may one day be opened up to all drivers, but for now anyone caught using the road will be ticketed.

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