Colony Square Mall Trick-or-Treat

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- With October 31st being Halloween, there were plenty of places for kids to trick or treat.

For more than three decades, one of those places was the Colony Square Mall. Kids were able to dress in costume and go from store to store to collect candy. Parents said they brought their kids to trick or treat at the mall because it’s a safe and warm place. One family dressed up like one of their favorite TV show.

“We watched all the cartoons and we watched even the first movie and the second movie…(Our favorite part is) going to the mall and going to are favorite stores,” said trick or treaters Emma, Heath, and Shay Norman.

Boo to Hunger was also a part of the mall’s trick or treat event. Family’s that came to get candy were also encouraged to bring in a nonperishable food item. The food was collected by OUZ social workers program volunteers. The food went to the Muskingum Hunger Network.

“We’ve had a fabulous result (Halloween,) so basically, more than we expected and there’s still more coming in,” said OUZ Social Work Professor Dr Lorena Fulton. “It’s really important for us to have the safety of trick or treating but it also gives us an opportunity to spotlight the need for nonperishable food items for people in need.”

Several hundred people came out to enjoy the trick or treat event.

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