AT&T expands broadband internet coverage to rural areas

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Many rural areas in Muskingum County are still without broadband Internet, but that will soon be changing.

Today many local and state officials gathered at the Zanesville-Muskingum County Conference and Welcome Center to make an announcement about AT&T’s efforts to expand broadband Internet connectivity. Adam Gryzbicki President for AT&T Ohio was in attendance and talked about the infrastructure that is coming to the area.

“This is our fixed wireless launch that we’re doing here. This is part of the Connect America Fund to program that AT&T was a recipient of. It’s a subsidy that helps us build out broadband in rural areas.”

The plan will bring broadband Internet to nearly 37,000 across Southeast Ohio. Senator Troy Balderson attended the announcement shared his approval of the efforts.

“I’m here to support AT&T and appreciate what they’re doing with the money they have received from the federal government.”

State Representative Brian Hill also shared his support of the announcement and expressed how important this move is to the county.

“It’s great to see AT&T, you know, expanding. You know, Internet access out in these rural areas of Southeastern Ohio. It’s a great announcement. Hopefully more people now will have the ability to have fast Internet.”

Senator Balderson talked about the impact the service will have on the community. During his speech he spoke about how Morgan County wasn’t even able to have broadband internet until last year and how students had to take their state school tests the old fashioned way — by paper and pencil — unlike other counties who took them electronically. Now these areas will be able to use the internet for things others may take for granted.

“Broadband is so important here and the lack of really has driven us to continue to push hard to have that service here for our constituents,” said Senator Balderson. “Not only for our individual people but our businesses, schools. So our kids have access. Our adults have access. Our businesses have access.”

AT&T says this is a five year project, but service is already available online. The service is a fixed wireless internet service that will provide customers with 10 Mbps of download speed and 1 Mbps of upload speed. The project is expected to reach 400,000 locations in 18 states by the end of the year and 1.1 million locations by 2020.

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