Senator Sherrod Brown met with local leaders

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – In honor of National Manufacturing Day Senator for Ohio Sherrod Brown held a round-table discussion with manufacturers and community leaders in Muskingum County.

According to Senator Brown Ohio is one of the leading manufacturing sates in the U.S., but about five years ago government officials noticed a decline in interest in manufacturing and parents did not want their children to grow up and work as manufacturers.

Photo By: Chase Flowers

“There’s not enough young people who want to go into manufacturing and we’ve done these manufacturing camps for five years and for the last three years in Zanesville, Muskingum County,” Senator Brown said. “It’s to get fifth, sixth, and seventh graders looking at potentially what manufacturing and making things can be.”

Senator Brown said his office had received calls from parents following a manufacturing camp saying their children were more interested in manufacturing camps than they were school. The round-table is held to get the federal government working with local leaders to keep manufacturing and innovation strong in Ohio.

“Started the first one in Youngstown five years ago, we have done probably 75 of them, and three of them have been in Muskingum County,” said Senator Brown. “I’m looking for ways of encouraging people and partnering with local businesses, unions, local officials, and doing that.”

Senator Brown also held a round-table discussion in Guernsey County on October 6, 2017. The Muskingum County manufacturing camps take place at Zane State College each year.

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