Sulens Dental Studio’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A dental practice has updated their office to support growth in the community.

Sulens Dental Studio had their ribbon cutting today after years of transitioning between owners and renovations.

Dr. Michael Sulens worked with the late Dr. Christopher Brauning for a while until Sulens was able to purchase the dental practice from Dr. Brauning in 2013 and the building in 2015 from Don Brauning, the late owners brother.

“We worked alongside each other for a few years before I bought the practice outright and again I learned so much from him,” Dr. Sulens said. “He gave me so much insight, but more importantly he was such a good friend.”

Photo By: Quay DeVoll

Dr. Sulens celebrated with his staff, friends, and family to have their ribbon cutting ceremony to show off the buildings renovations and explain their reasoning behind the new look.

“Our main reason was just to support our growth and to create an efficient office,” Dr. Sulens said. “Not that the old one was not set up that way but, it needed this day in ages kind of efficiency. So that was our primary goal and then with it we said ‘you know let’s have some fun.”

Dr. Sulens is staying in Zanesville and says there is no way he is leaving this community. For those interested Dr. Sulens is accepting new patients, just call the office at (740) 453-3089.

Sulens Dental Studio is located at 750 Princeton Ave. Zanesville, Ohio.

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