Coconis donates to Red Cross for Hurricane relief aid

Local News

SOUTH ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A local business donates money to help fund relief aid to Texas and Florida following Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma.

Coconis furniture President, Randy Coconis, presented five thousand dollars to the Southeast Ohio Chapter of the Red Cross. Twenty-five hundred dollars will go to each state to assist with hurricane relief efforts and to support volunteers.

“There still is a need…obviously way worse in the Virgin Islands or so and in Key West. But even in Texas there still is a need. There’s still people displaced from their homes. And a lot of people don’t think of the volunteers. They have to eat, they have to stay. And there’s thousands of them.”

Marlene Henderson, the Executive Director of the Southeast Ohio Red Cross agreed with Coconis that volunteers are also in need of aid. She says there are local residents who are volunteering their time to help people affected by the storms.

“And we do have several volunteers there now. We deployed three over the weekend. So that adds to a list of I think there’s, we’ve had twelve just from our southeast Ohio chapter now.”

In addition to the checks, Coconis and their buying group sent two semi trucks to Texas with $40,000 worth of mattresses to help families in Houston. Coconis now challenges other businesses in the area to reach out and donate as well.