Deadliest Catch Captain and host of Ice Road Truckers make a stop in Zanesville

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Chevron Delo brought the Game Changers tour to Love’s Travel Stop on Sonora road.

The tour features Lisa Kelly from History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers and Edgar Hansen from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. Hansen said he uses Chevron because the company has changed the oil industry.

“It’s a Game Changers tour,” said Hansen. “Anybody who’s in an industry that’s maybe changed the way their industry’s done or changed the game. I have in my industry. I’ve made it more streamline, more effect, more productive, and safer. Just on our boat alone and other people see that. It’s just kind of fun to go across the county and hear other stories and get the word out.”

The road tour celebrates 120 years of the Diesel engine. The tour also combines the new oil that Chevron has released. Chevron Business Salesperson Matt Walton said the community came out to support this ‘Game Changer’ event.

“They’re really excited to see Edgar and Lisa,” said Walton. “It’s great for Chevron to get our name out here in this market and for Love’s support.”

Chevron spokesperson said this is the largest turnout on their tour so far.

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