Pet of the week

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-  It is that time of the week once again, it’s time for pet of the week.

Starburst is one of four siblings that came into Animal Shelter Society. She is up to date on all of her vaccinations and already had surgery. She loves being held and playing with people. Her adoption fee is $70.

“If you’re looking for a young kitten Starburst would certainly fit the mold for that,” said Executive director Jody Murray.

Murray warns that with the holiday weekend coming up, fireworks going off around your home are a possibility. He said to take extra caution with your pets because of all the unusual activities occurring this weekend.

“If you’re doing picnics and things, there’s lot of unusual food and trash around,” said Murray. “You don’t want your pets swallowing something that their not suppose to. With fireworks, pets and fireworks just don’t mix, leave your pets at home if you go out and enjoy the fireworks.”

Murray advises all pets to either have tags or microchips in case they get lost.

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