U.S. Senator Rob Portman visits Central Ohio Aerospace Center

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HEATH, Ohio- U.S. Senator Rob Portman’s military tour across Ohio brought him to Licking County today.

On his third day of the tour, Senator Portman visited the Central Ohio Aerospace and Technology Center in Heath. The center hosts Boeing as well as the Bionetics Defense Engineering Services Group where they measure the accuracy of equipment in the line of duty.

“The avionics are ultimately tested here and its an incredible facility. A lot of it is underground to avoid seismic issues and a lot of dedicated people working hard to ensure that our men and women in uniform have the right measurements that lead to the right that makes them safer and makes their equipment work better.” said Portman.

Portman also spoke on the role and support of the Heath, Newark and Licking County Port Authority.

“The Port Authority has done a terrific job of recreating economic activity that is great for the community but also to help our military and I gave Rick a little hard time when I came in I said every time I come out here I see something new you know its great. and this campus continues to grow. I mean honestly it was abandoned for years and now they have a real mission here.”

After the tour, Portman is hopeful he will receive funding to further improve the equipment and research at the facility.



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