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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A local high school uses a program where students learn hands on skills instead of through traditional lecture classes.

Zanesville High School started the Lead the Way Program last year and this year the classes are expanding. Four electives are being offered that are run through the Lead the Way program.

Rick Mohler is facilitating Engineering and Principle Engineering, While Adam Dollings is facilitating Bio-Medical, and Kim Prindle is facilitating Principal Bio-Medical.

“[The students] are kind of taking charge of the whole thing,” Prindle said. “There’s a website they go to everyday and they check where they’re supposed to be and then we kind of just help lead them along. So project Lead the Way is what it’s about. It’s really teaching them how to think and be a part of their own learning.”

The electives offered are all science based and offers the students a glimpse into real-world learning, so the students may look towards careers following their schooling. Dollings is in his second year of teaching the class and said there has been a noticeable increase in students registered.

Photo By: Quay DeVoll

“We’ve got actually a big jump in numbers this year,” Dollings said. “Students last year loved this course and I think the word spread to the younger students coming out of the middle school. So last year we had about 60 students and we’re now at about 85.”

Mohler even expects the program to continue to grow even further in the coming years.

Photo By: Quay DeVoll

“At the middle school level we have a gateway program,” Mohler said. “Where it is not an elective, so the kids in seventh grade all take a semester of engineering and the eighth grade they take a semester of the Bio-Medical. So we’ll get the first group of them coming through next year and I expect the program to really take off then.”

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