New 4-H Extension Educators

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Interim County Extension Director Chris Penrose met with the Muskingum County Commissioners to introduce the two newest 4-H Extension Educators.

Jamie McConnell and Stefanie Prevatt are the new Muskingum County Extension Educators. McConnell is a Muskingum County native who worked previously as the Muskingum County Program Assistant for 4-H. Now McConnell wants to broaden the meaning of 4-H to inner city schools.

“When people think of 4-H they think of cows and the county fair or you hear of chickens at the county fair,” McConnell said. “I want people to realize that there is a lot more to 4-H  than just the county fair and the live stock projects. Although that’s a large part of what we do, there is a lot more to it than that.”

Prevatt grew up in Trumbull County Ohio, but lived and worked in Florida for their Extension Program following college. Now Prevatt is working with McConnell to get more 4-H programs into the Muskingum County Schools.

“We have a lot of volunteers who are teachers in the schools,” Prevatt said. “So I think that is my primary way that I will you know start working into the classrooms. Also I’ll be communicating with the superintendents as well as the principals, and assistant principals of the schools to gage their interests in expanding 4-H programs.

Prevatt and McConnell have many plans to help 4-H grow in Muskingum County.

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