Grain Comprehensive AG Rescue Trailer is at the Muskingum County Blue Ribbon Fair

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Grain Comprehensive AG Rescue Trailer is at the Muskingum County Fair to show how a person can be saved if they are trapped in a grain silo.

The Grain C.A.R.T. is used at The Ohio State University extension to train students working in agriculture. It is also used to train firefighters on how to rescue someone from being engulfed in grain. Agricultural Rescue manager, Lisa Pfiefer, said being stuck in grain is similar to being stuck in quicksand.

“Once you’re up to you knees, its pretty difficult to move,” said Pfiefer. “Once you are up to your hips, you’re pretty much locked in place. If you use your arm to press down, you arm is going to sink into the grain. At that point, there is enough pressure from the grain that if you’re 165 pound person, it will take about 325 pounds of force to pull you out. So you can cause injury if you pull someone out at that point.”

Pfiefer said they train firefighters so they are able to perform the proper mechanics in order to rescue someone from out of the grain. She said people can get trapped by either falling in or if they need to be in the silo to check the grain and something doesn’t go as planned.

“If they go in just because they have out of condition grain and the grain in bridged, which is a hard crust over the top of the bin, it can create a cavity underneath,” said Pfiefer. “There’s a void underneither, so if that top grain gets knocked free then everything including the person will collapse into the middle and then they will become engulfed.”

The Grain C.A.R.T will also be at the fair August 17th with shows starting at 10 A.M.

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