Ohio SUN Presents “Solar Congress” at Zane State

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The Zane State College Advanced Science and Technology Center hosted “Solar Congress” Saturday afternoon.

The congress was presented by Ohio Solar United Neighborhoods (OH SUN) and consisted of breakout sessions covering a variety of solar topics and discussions regarding the development of Ohio’s solar landscape.

“Well the Ohio Solar Congress is a get together of folks from this part of the state, but actually all over the state, or anybody is welcome to come in to talk about solar energy, and jobs, technology and where things are going; what the benefits are, and how it can make our lives better,” said Randy Wharton, Dean at Zane State College.

And for students studying solar or those that may be thinking about a career change, solar is a fast growing field with an abundance of career opportunities.

“A lot of folks when they think solar think of folks on the roof, and that’s not necessarily the case anymore. The careers in solar are much wider than that. They need folks in sales, they need folks that are going to do the engineering to design systems, and we also have one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world here in Ohio that makes the panels themselves,” explained Luke Sulfridge, the Program Director for OH SUN.

For more information on OH SUN, you can go to their website at www.ohsun.org, or or visit their facebook page at facebook.com/ohiosun.