First Christian Church Holds Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — First Christian Church held their annual Easter egg hunt Saturday afternoon.

Kids between pre-school and fifth grade hopped around in search of over 1,600 eggs that were hidden by volunteers and middle school students. However the egg hunt is an educational opportunity for the kids as well.

“So every year we have an Easter egg hunt the week before Easter. Give the kids a chance to hunt Easter eggs, get some fun candy. But more importantly we like to be able to share the Easter story with them while they are here, and have an opportunity to just remind the community why we celebrate this holiday,” said Kim Paul, the Christian Education Director at First Christian Church.

Paul added that they like to shape the way they share the Easter story after their youth “Worship and Wonder” services.

“Our ‘Worship and Wonder’ program is a worship service that we have specifically for three-year olds through second graders. And it’s designed specifically for that age group, and it’s a very powerful ministry for sharing the word of God with children that age. So we’re happy to give everyone a taste of it at the Easter egg hunt,” added Paul.

First Christian Church will also be hosting their vacation bible school July 17th-21st this year. Paul says they teach the Holy Land adventure series so this year’s theme is ancient Rome. The church will be decorated and the kids will travel to ancient Rome where they will meet Paul and learn about the underground church. You can register by calling the church office at (740)453-3437.