Library says reference librarians can help with ‘fake news’

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- With all the claims of fake news floating around, one local resource claims they can help.

The internet, though convenient, has made it much easier for false information to be circulated.

Jennifer Spillman, Director of Libraries for Muskingum County Library System, said reference librarians are available to help find accurate information.

“How can the library play a part in determining fake news from real news is something people don’t always consider. We have reference libraries here and their entire jobs from the beginning of reference librarians has been to decipher information and make sure its accurate,” said Spillman.

Spillman said that though ‘googling’ information has become the norm, the library offers resource databases that provide the most accurate results; something an internet search can not.

The library also provides computer access for those who don’t have.

“A lot of customers in Muskingum County don’t have access to computers at their home so it gives them a place to come so they can do the things that they need to do online,” said Christy Clark, Technology Manager at the John McIntire Library.

The library moved their computer lab from the second floor to the first to make access to the reference desk more convenient.

“The reference desk is located in close proximity to the computers so if they have a question they’ll be able to ask them,” said Clark.

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