Maysville Students Prepare for “Legally Blonde”

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The students at Maysville High School began rehearsals tor “Legally Blonde” this afternoon.

With show week upon them, Director Ryan Hutcherson said today was the first day that they put music, wardrobes, and full cast together to prepare for this weekend’s performances– his first as a director.

It’s our first rehearsal for Legally Blonde, our first rehearsal of show week. We’re just really getting into, Monday is Act I, tomorrow is Act II, and then the rest of the time we’ll be running the full show. I’m a first year teacher here and this is my first musical production ever, so I’ve just been lucky to have such a great group of kids and staff here,” said Hutcherson.

Maysville Junior Ana Presley, who plays the lead of Elle Woods, says she has been performing her whole life and is excited to live out her favorite musical.

I’ve been dancing since I was two, and I’ve always done choir, and different musicals and stuff at my schools, since middle school. I’ve watched the musical several times just because it’s my favorite musical so I pretty much knew all the lines before I even had to take the part, which was exciting because it’s so much fun. And I love the cast that I’m working with– we have practice almost every single day,” added Presley.

Performances will take place place this Friday and Saturday at Maysville High School. Tickets are $3.00 for students and $5.00 for adults.

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