2017 International Women’s Brew Day

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – March 8, 2017 is International Women’s Brew Day and a few of Ohio’s Breweries joined together to celebrate.

Weasel Boy Brewing Company welcomed women from Behind the Tap, Drink Up Columbus, Lineage Brewing, Ohio Craft Brewers Association, and Seventh Son Brewing Company to celebrate today by making a special beer to sell at their own breweries. Co-Owner and Brewer at Weasel Boy, Lori Wince said they’re brewing a grisette, and the theme this year is ‘Unite Locals’.

Photo By: Karysa Kent

“Ohio grown grain that was malted at Haus Malts in northern Ohio, which is one of the few maltsters in Ohio,” Wince said. “We’re using pawpaw fruit and spicebush berries that were sourced from a farm down around Athens, Integration Acres. So we’ve got a lot of local ingredients and those are all going to add different flavors and make it a very complex, very enjoyable beer.”

Wince said about six breweries took a part in the initial email thread to create the light Belgian-style blonde ale recipe. So the grisette will have the Belgian-styled yeast that will give the beer a Belgian spice.

The breweries who joined in making the grisette today will be able to start selling it in early April. So once April arrives customers can look for the beer named, ‘Never the Less Persist.’

According to Wince International Women’s Brew Day was organized by the Pink Boots Society which is an organization that supports women in the brewing business.

This was Weasel Boy’s second year to celebrate brewing on Women’s Brew Day. They first joined in the festivities last year when Lineage Brewing hosted the event. Because Wince had such a great time last year, she decided to host it this year.

Photo By: Karysa Kent

“Just to have a day though where you’re all participating in the same thing,” Wince said. “You can sit around and chat during lunch, just talk about whatever is going on in the industry, whatever is going on at your individual place, and you just form that camaraderie that’s important in a business.”

The breweries taking part in the event currently want to see a rotation each year on who host’s the Women’s Brew Day event for coming years.

The following companies took part in the 2017 International Women’s Brew Day.

  • Behind the Tap: Jennie Koeper
  • Drink Up Columbus: Cheryl Harris
  • Lineage Brewing: Jessica Byrne, Jessica Page, and Nichole Endicott
  • Ohio Craft Brewers Association: Mary MacDonald
  • Seventh Son Brewing Company: Caitlin Davis and Liz Stout
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