Buckeye Lake Spillway to Close – Boating Activities to Return

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It’s good news for Buckeye Lake this Wednesday morning. State Senator Troy Balderson says the spillway at the lake will be closed today and that will allow it to fill up. Balderson says the State is going to allow the lake to increase by two feet and that will be enough to allow normal boating activities.   He says the lake will still be one foot below normal. He says the project to fix the dam is now expected to be completed by fall of 2018 and it’s still on budget.  The 4.1 mile dam is nearly 180 years old and was weakened by several hundred homes, docks and other structures built into it. The U.S, Army Corps of Engineers concluded the dam was at risk of failing, and the state has kept the water level low as precaution.  Balderson issued this statement about the recent developments:

The decision to raise water levels at Buckeye Lake marks yet another milestone in the ongoing efforts to restore this vibrant community as a premier destination to live, work and vacation. 

As this phase of the dam construction moves forward, the decision to increase the water depth is a sign of the progress being made and is welcomed news for this resilient community. I’d like to thank Director Jim Zehringer and his dedicated team at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for their commitment to expediting this project and their diligence in minimizing its impact on the local community. 


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