Local Church celebrates Black History Month

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- One local church gathered to celebrate black history this afternoon.

St.Paul A.M.E Church hosted a black history month program featuring Pastor Charles L. Mayle Sr. Church member and master of Ceremony Krandall Brantley explains the importance of celebrating black history month.

“I think its very important of people to know the history of black history in this country. There’s a lot of great things that have happened not here just in Zanesville, but nationally and I think that just the small amount you get in the K through 12 education is not enough.”

Brantley noted the origin of black history month is rather close to home for Zanesville.

“It started off as a week in the 1950s and then it grew through Carter G Woodson. He made it a week, and after that there was a movement at Kent State University, which is here in Ohio, and they started a movement to make it a month in the 1970s so it grew from there and that’s where it takes place. So, a lot of history in Ohio.”

Brantley hopes to expand the black history programs in coming years.

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