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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The American Red Cross is in need of volunteers and their new Disaster Program Manager is excited to be back with the Red Cross to find those volunteers.

Tim Callahan was recently hired to fill the Disaster Program Manager position. Callahan said he used to volunteer for the Red Cross about 10 years ago and when he heard about the opening he felt he needed to try for it. Now Callahan is reaching out to the community for help.

Photo By: Megan Heady

“We’re always looking for people to help on our blood drives, you’ll see our blood services in all kinds of locations churches and businesses, we’re looking for volunteers to help whether it’s registration or anything like that,” said Callahan.

The volunteers should have a passion for helping others, who can be available to assist during their free time by providing their own blood, running programs, to helping with disasters when people need help the most.

“When we respond to a disaster, a fire, or a flood, we have people that will do follow-up we call like case work,” Callahan said. “That maybe we provided them services during that time, but maybe that have some longer term recovery needs, whether it’s clothing, or housing, we try to help them with resources.”

Anyone can start as a local volunteer, but once they can have the proper training they can choose to help with national disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes. They’ll just be deployed and return when need be.

For more information on volunteering both locally and nationally go to the American Red Cross website at

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