Tri-Valley Safety Day Assembly

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Tri-Valley High School held a Teen Distracted Driving Assembly this morning alongside State Farm and Impact Teen Drivers.

According to State Farm Agent Sarah Wickerham the Safety Day event all started when teacher, Molly Dunn, had an idea to get a distracted driving prevention message out to the students. Tri-Valley then connected with State Farm to help plan this distracted driving assembly.

“They just see that there’s tragedy in every area, every small town, every town in America, and they just know that the more we talk about things like this and encourage our kids to not be distracted while driving the more likely they are to save lives,” said Wickerham.

State Farm has also been in a partnership with Impact Teen Drivers for about three years and that’s how Ohio Education Outreach Coordinator Heidi Deane became involved in the Safety Day event. This event will help show the students the risks of distracted driving as a driver and a passenger.

“There’s been a lot of focus and talk about texting and driving,” Deane said. “I’d really like kids as passengers as well as drivers to start thinking about apps, I won’t name any in particular, but I think it’s important for them to think about social media use while they’re in the car or behind the wheel cause it’s distracting when your friends are doing it; it’s not just the driver.”

Ohio State Highway Patrol Zanesville Trooper Wesley Archer, Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Matt Lutz, and Genesis Trauma Jane Kilgore also assisted Tri Valley, State Farm, and Teen Impact Drivers for this assembly.