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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – This Friday February 3, 2017 downtown Zanesville will be lively for the First Friday Art Walk.

The Masonic Temple on Fourth street will hold many artist studios including Gallery Luminaria, which is owned by Ron Cole. Cole is located on the fourth floor and his studio is full of sculptures, paintings and pieces that are acrylic paintings mixed with digital art to create a realistic nature to the piece.

Photo By: Megan Heady

“I simply play to the strengths to both media and I will create and push the acrylic on canvas as far as I possibly can and work with it as much as I can,” Cole said. “Bring that into the digital realm and then I’ll blend, I’ll tweak, and I’ll get everything exactly right the way that I want and I feel that the results speak for themselves.

The Friday Art walk will take place from 5:00 P.M. until 8:00 P.M. and during that time artists will be open to discuss their work. Cole now wants to share his talents to help the next generation of artists.

“I have all my own in-house printing, so I’ll print their pieces,” Cole said. “So they can sell prints of their originals, they can show their originals. I can show them how to market online, how to use social media Facebook, Twitter, and so on so forth. It’s just really great to give back to the community.”

For artists wanting more information on the Gallery Luminaria Program they can go to his website,

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