EMA & County Commissioners review tornado siren bids

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ZANESVILLE, OHIO-  An official from the Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency(EMA) met with the County Commissioners on Monday.

Bo Keck, EMA Director, met with the commissioners at the beginning of the month to talk about opening up bids for service on the tornado sirens located across the county.  

On Monday, Keck and the commissioners took a look at the three different bids they received for the 6 month contract service and talked about what was best for the county.

“This way we can get part of that money reimbursed from the state under our operations budget,” said Keck.  “We felt it was time to look at the overall picture and save the county some money.”

Keck said that they have 42 sirens that are under the service contract.  The next step in the process is to continue to look through the bids received and find out which service provider would be the most dependable and financially fit for the job.

“They have to make sure that the sirens are always in good operating conditions, have to be at any siren location where there might be a malfunction within 30 minutes.”  Keck also said that it’s important that the sirens, if disabled, need to be repaired within 12 hours. 

Keck said that the sirens aren’t only used in the event of a tornado or weather disaster, but some fire departments across the county use them during the event of an unrelated weather emergency.

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