Coconis Furniture donates to local Food Pantry

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A local business helped the South Zanesville United Methodist Church Food Pantry provide more fresh food for those in need.

Coconis Furniture has provided the Food Pantry with two box trucks and Dedra Rader the Pastor at South Zanesville United Methodist Church said this donation will help the Food Pantry provide families with nutritious meals.

“The community that we serve will I believe will benefit from the nutritious food that’s going to be brought in through the trucks and the donations with the fresh fruits and vegetables,” Rader said.

General Manager of Coconis Furniture said they heard of the need the food pantry had and were able to donate some of their older trucks

“Really because it’s going to be going towards a great cause and opposed to sitting down [and] us using it a couple times a year,” said Coconis. “It’s going to a great cause and it’s going to benefit a lot of people.”

For that reason Coordinator Joyce Krouskoupf and the Food Pantry are appreciative of Coconis Furniture’s donation.

” We can’t say enough to say how much we appreciate everything [Coconis Furniture] has done not only now, [but] also what they’ve done for us in all the previous years,” said Joyce Krouskoupf. “They’re always there for the food pantry and also for the church. ”

Jeffrey Krouskoupf the Food Pantry’s Food Pick-Up Driver said this donation will allow them to collect more food for the pantry to give away.

“For having a truck this size and the ability to go to pick up more food and it will make it easier  for us to haul it here and it’s more convenient,” said Jeffrey Krouskoupf. “We can supply more to the pantry.”

Conrad Wilkins the Fundraising Coordinator is also inviting the community to the Open house Spaghetti Dinner on December 10,2016 from 4:30 P.M. until 6:30 P.M.

” We’d like for the people that need help with food to know we’re here as well as the local businesses that might be able to help support us,” Wilkins said.

Joyce Krouskoupf said the food pantry will also be giving away their fresh produce on December 16, 2016 from 10:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M.