Zanesville’s going Green

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The City of Zanesville is going green in the coming year.

Public Service and Community Development Director, Jay Bennett, said in 2015 the city of Zanesville started examining the Sanitation Solid Waste Recycling Collection System that’s currently in place.

“A very thorough in-depth analysis that showed some long term sustainability issues,” said Bennett. “Looking at alternatives of some ways we can turn the corner, if you will, long term on making it more sustainable [and] more environmentally friendly.”

According to Bennett the city will invest in new recycling and solid waste carts in replacement of trash cans and they’ll also invest in new trucks that have mechanical arms that will grab, dispose, and put down the recycling and solid waste carts. With all these changes the community will be educated accordingly.

“The proposal to council, is rolling out a new system of solid waste collection recycling, we’re going to be having a lot of information for the public over the next year we’re going to come out into very specific areas across the city and we will introduce carts,” Bennett said.

Bennett said City Council authorized the City of Zanesville to bid a $250,000 grant to Ohio Environmental Protection Agency that will further help in the new Sanitation Solid Waste Recycling Collection System.

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