Pipeline protest at Dillon Dam

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Tuesday was the national day of action for the Dakota Access pipeline protesters.

Some area residents collected at Dillon Dam Tuesday evening to join in the protest and stand in solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota.

Local protest organizer, Alexandria Pavkov said she thinks what they’re doing to Native Americans is very disrespectful.

“People say its just a Native American issue and its not,” said Pavkov.

The protests are against a 1,100 mile long fracked-oil pipeline that would present a threat to the water supply. The call to action was from indigenous leaders at the reservation.

Pavkov said she believes the issue should be of concern for people in the local community.

“They should care about it because its their children’s future that could be damaged by this pipeline,” Pavkov said. “That for once in history we should actually treat the Native Americans with some respect.”

Pavkov said she was contacted by 350.org, a global grassroots climate movement group, to organize the protest and was given the location. Dillon Dam is home to the local U.S. Army Corps of Engineers conservation department.