Muskingum Starlight Industries Officials meet with county commissioners

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Officials from Muskingum Starlight Industries met with county commissioners Thursday.

Photo By Quay DeVoll

Chief Operating Officer, Della Stuart said the meeting was to update commissioners on progress at Starlight.

“Things are going very well,” Stuart said. “We are trying transitioning right now and looking out for community connections to get our people out and volunteering.”

On Thursday, November 10th from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. they will host an open house at their Newark Road facility.

“They will see what a typical day looks like for some of our folks. We have a computer lab. We have cooking classes. We’ll have people that are working doing some of the jobs we do for customers in the community,” Stuart said.

Stuart said the building has recently been updated. This open house is a great way for the public to see what the building looks now.

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