Right to Life Ohio Protest on Maple Avenue

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Photo by Chase Flowers

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A life chain was formed on Maple Avenue Sunday in support of the pro-life movement.

For the last 15 years Right to Life Ohio has been forming a life chain on Maple Avenue. Several locals stand up with signs to protest. Right to Life’s very first year featured 200 protesters. Chairman, Helen Fedorki was pleasantly surprised with Sunday’s turnout.

“I thought today would be terrible because of the rain,” Fedorki said. “But I’m surprised and very happy that so many turned out today.”

Fedorki said the goal of these protest isn’t to shame woman who have been abortion. Right to Life just want women to know there are other options.

“I would like for them to keep there babies or adopt babies out. So many people can not have a child and they need to be adopted. There’s no reason for us to kill them,” Fedorki said.

The life chain protest began and concluded with a prayer. There a newsletter available. If you if would like more information contact Fedorki, at (740) 454-7529.

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