The Guernsey County Fair Starts

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GUERNSEY COUNTY, Ohio – The Guernsey County Fair opened to the public Monday morning with a week full of family fun events on the schedule.

The fair kicked off with junior events and a traveling COSI truck for area 4th grade students. They were able to experience and engage in scientific games through different kiosks, which will allow kids to better interact with their peers.

Jarod Smith, an outreach educator for COSI, said the activities they display, help families learn to work together better.

“The kiosks we have here have some kind of different skill related to science or some kind of puzzle. It’s a good way to work together, and get people to become more interactive at an event,” said Smith

The fair runs through Saturday with a lot of great events to attend. Guernsey County Fair President, Al Warne, said the Demolition Derby on Friday will be one of the most popular attractions.

“They take older cars and come into an area that is walled off, and just crash into each other until the last car is running. They build motors for them now, and fix them just for the derby. It’s a really neat event to watch,” said Warne.

You can check out and their Facebook page for a full list of events and admission prices.

Photo Credit: Karysa Kent

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