American and Chinese Art Exhibition

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American and Chinese artist’s joined together for the month of September.
Yan Sun Art Museum hosted Research Exchange Exhibition. Ningbo Art Association President, Sun Peiliang Says that each artist finds inspiration from real life and no matter the language difference each art piece can be understood.

“American artist and the Chinese artist can give very good communication through fine art,” said Peiliang “Art is a very good language because you don’t need to speak in Chinese or in English and we understand each other.”

Whether the art piece was done in oil or paint the exhibition could be seen on the corner of Main street and Sixth street of Zanesville, but maybe in the future this exhibition could move to China.

“We have a bridge already and this bridge was built from China, Ningbo to Zanesville, America for the people and artist that wish to visit each other,” said Peiliang. “That is my dream.”

The exhibition features some of our local artists mix

ed into the Chinese art.

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