A Man Shares His Passion For Wood Carving For Fair Goers

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Photo by Quay DeVoll

ZANESVILLE, OHIO- A master wood carver is appearing at the Muskingum County Fair this week. Jeff Pinny uses a chainsaw to make his creations.

The wood carvings come in different shapes and sizes from superman to bears and eagles.

“I like doing a lot of North American wildlife, bears, eagles, raccoons, and beavers,” Pinny said. “I also starting to do the human figures. Just scratching the surface on them I have a whole list of more that I want to do.”

This 20-year wood carver is in his booth through Saturday. Pinny said the time it takes to complete a carving depends on the size and how much detail the piece will need.

“A half an hour you can get a nice little bear. The superman took me, because I just took my time on it. I was trying to capture the vintage superman. So I worked on that over the course of 5 days,” Pinny said.

Pinny said you can make requests for personalized wood carvings, just be sure to give them a least a day to complete it.

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