Meet Harley, The Pet of the Week

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Each Friday we stop by the Animal Shelter Society to feature our Pet of the Week.

This week we met 11 year old Harley. Harley came to the shelter in June. Executive Director, Jody Murray said Harley is a Dachshund mix but, also is blind and has little to no teeth and in search for a forever home. Right now, you can make Harley apart of your family for only ten bucks.

“Just a wonderful caring little dog. He’s been taking home by some of our staff and he gets along with their dogs very well. And actually he quickly learned where his food bowl, how to find his way around and he is very adaptable,” said Murray.

Nearly 15 employees from the local Nestle Purina Pet Care Co volunteered at the Animal Shelter Society Friday. Factory Manager, Roger Brecht said they feel it’s important to be involved in the community.

“We’re doing some cleaning, interacting with the pets, as you can see and just trying to help in anyway that we can,” said Brecht. “We’re very prove that we have several employees out in the community today helping not only here at the animal shelter but, we have several back at the factory building dog houses for the animal shelter that we’ll bring here later today.”

For more information on how you can get involved, you can contact the Animal Shelter Society at: (740) 452-1077.

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