The 3rd Annual ‘Putnam Hunkie Reunion’

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Oh - The 3rd Annual ‘Putnam Hunkie Reunion’ took place Saturday.

Anyone who grew up from the 6th street bridge and on is considered a “Putnam Hunkie” and was invited to the Putnam Hunkie Reunion. Don Pagth said the event formed in 2013 when a bunch of recent and passed residents wanted to reconnect with old friends. You could sense the feeling of comradery as they all journeyed together down memory lane.

“It’s just a wonderful time to get together with everybody again. There is people that I haven’t seen since I was a youngster,” said Pagth. “Unfortunately we have lost a lot of people that lived down here great people, we’ve all had good times together. It’s just nice having a reunion to say hi.”

Pagath said nearly 500 people were in attendance.

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